My Perfect Stock Portfolio

Rejems Portfolio – My Perfect Stock Portfolio

Sr. No Stock Name Buying Price CMP My View
1 Archidply 56  107  Strong Buy
2 Maxvil 52  87  Hold
3 GP Petro 58  99  Hold
4 Himalya Int. 19  29  Buy
5 Weizman Forex 485  648  Buy with Risk
6 Weizman Ind 39  40  Short term Buy
7 Ducon 62  37  Sell
8 Chennai Petro 365  383  Strong Buy
9 Flex Food 124  116  Buy
10 Ujjivan Fianance 295  336  Hold
11 Inter Glob Finance 32  29  Hold
12 GIPCL 108  133  Buy
13 IDFC Bank 65  62  Strong Buy
14 HCL Info 62  53  Hold
15 IVC 16  17  Buy

=> how to Make a Perfect Stock Portfolio ? Above is My Latest Portfolio and I am Holding Now 15 Stocks in My Portfolio. I am going to Reduce Portfolio Stocks from 15 to 10 in this Year End.

=> I just here Share My Portfolio for Your Knowledge Purpose only its Not Buy Recommendation from Me. I am not SEBI Register Adviser , I Share my Idea only for Retail Investors.I explain Each and every Stock Why I bought ? and What I see in this Stocks?

1) Archidply


Archidply Industries Limited is the flagship company of the Archidply group. The Archidply Group has been associated with plywood manufacturing for more than 37 years. One of The India’s Best Manufacturers of  eco friendly products  such as Plywood , Veneers, Pre-lam and  Laminates.

My Reason to invest in this stock is Companies Sales Increase from last 5 Years and Profit also Increase from Last Five Years. India’s House demand increase now and Indian Government focusing on domestic Infrastructure Projects and “Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna ” Increase the Sales of Archidply in coming Few Years. I am very Much Bullish on Archidply and I bought Archiply on every decline till I will not achieved My target Price 500 Rs. This Stock Must have in Your Perfect Stock portfolio.

Years Mar-12 Mar-13 Mar-14 Mar-15 Mar-16
Sales 171.45 201.89 226.52 264.53 283.05
Net Profit 0.91 2.06 4.01 5.56 6.01

2) Max Venture

Maxvil Max Ventures and Industries Limited (MaxVIL), a part of the US$ 2 billion Max Group, is the holding company for Max Speciality Films, an innovation leader in the Speciality Packaging Films business.

My Investment In Maxvil is only  News base, which I found in NSE Block Deal that “Equity Intelligent” Bought Max Venture Ltd in their Portfolio. I just Hold Maxvil cos I already Recover my Invested money when Stock Up Double from My Purchase Price.

3) GP Petroleum

Gulf Petrochem

Earlier Known as Sah Petroleoum ,while Dubai based  Gulf Petrochem  buy 75%  stake in Sah petroleum  and change the name GP Petroleum.

I like this Company only for Its JV with Spain Lubricants giant Rapsol Lubricants. Respol Lubricants Manufactured and Marketed by GP Petrolemus Ltd. Under License from Repsol Lubricants Y Especialidades S A (Spain). This Company Gives me already 100% return so I hold Gp Petro for Longterm of Rs.250 Target.

4) Himalya International

himalyaHimalya International is the pioneer and the most diversified food & agribusiness companies of India.which offer a basket of All Natural products that include:
Mushrooms, Dairy Products, French Fries,Potato Specialty products, Appetizers,
Ethnic Indian Snacks ,Sweets.

This Company attract me due to its Food Business, I think organic food market will be the next choice of People. Also Himalya International announced the demerger its business in to 3 different entities. 1 is main organic food business ,2 is Snacks Food Business, 3 is its Real Estate business. So I am too much Bullish in this Stock. I already Hold this Stock from 19 Rs.  and I expect multi fold return from this stock.This stock is a Part of My Perfect Portfolio.

5) Weizmann Forex

Weizmann ForexWeizmann Forex Ltd is a leading player in the foreign exchange and remittance market and has a pan-India network of over 200 branches.

The Sales turnover of this company attract me to make it in my watchlist when it traded at 175 Rs. after 2 -3 week when I check my watch list this stock Traded at 52 week High of 250 Rs. So I forget this stock and some day it was traded at 350+ so I start again attract to this company and start Research to this company and I found that Its a Game changer company and its has a Unique business. So I enter in this company at 480 Rs. Price and Hold it for the Target of Rs.1000.This Stock also help to Make My Stock Portfolio Perfect

But I think this Stock is very risky at this Price but not overvalued it has too much potential to be a multi-bagger from here. So Only Risk taking People enter in this counter.This stock is a Part of My Perfect Portfolio.

6) Weizmann Ind

Its a Textile firm of Weizmana Group. I play a jugad in this Script. Weizmaan Forex Gain from 170 to 500 then Weizmann Ind gain from 20 to 60 but now Weizmann forex whenver Up then also a chance to Up Weizmann Ind also.

7) Ducon

Invest in this company on News base, I foun that this company perform in future like semiens, ABB but after Recent Fraud news from its Parent Company Cemtrex Inc. I am not Bullish on this Stock, I will Sell it anytime …..

8) Chennai Petro

Chennai PetroChennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL) is an Indian state-owned oil and gas corporation headquartered in Chennai, India. It was formed as a joint venture in 1965 between the Government of India (GOI), AMOCO and National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). having a shareholding in the ratio 74%: 13%: 13% respectively.

I think its give double return From Here. Fundamental of this company is very Strong, its available at very low PE and has very Good EPS.

9) Flex Food

Rejems Flex FoodFLEX FOODS LIMITED, a company engaged in the growing and processing of Culinary Herbs , Mushrooms, Fruits and Vegetables catering to the Domestic and International markets. mainly in Europe, USA, Canada & Australia. Its an associate company of UFLEX, a 2.3 Billion dollar company, leader in flexible packaging technology.

There are 3 Reason to invest in This Stock. 1st is Porinju a MD of Equity Intelligence had buy Flex Food at 84 Rs. 2nd is Its Parent company is UFLEX Ltd. a good Trace record and Good Management. 3rs is Entire Food Sector is in Up trend and GST tex is very low on Food Products. So Longterm this company Perform very well.

10) Ujjivan Finance

Rejems UjjivanUjjivan started operations as an NBFC in 2005 with the mission of providing a full range of financial services to the economically active poor who are not adequately served by financial institutions. Presently, their operations is spread across 24 states and union territories, and 209 districts across India, making them the largest MFI in terms of geographical spread. They serve over 2.77 million active customers through our 469 branches and 7,786 employees and their Gross AUM stands at ₹40.88 billion as on September 2015 making them one of India’s leading Micro Finance Institutions.

Bought Ujjivan Finance because of Its available at 52 week low price and as per its Technical view 282 was a major support which I think its never broke so I invest before Support level and Now its in Up trend. Its Business model is good also a Small Finance Bank work also inprove in Future.This stock is a Part of My Perfect Portfolio.

11) Inter Glob Finance

This is My Personal Stock which I found with my Research and I invest in it for Experiment only.


Rejems GIPCLGIPCL was incorporated in 1985 as Public Limited company under the auspices of Government of Gujarat. The company engaged in business of Electrical Power Generation. The total present capacity of GIPCL company is 929.4 MW. The company has a vision to transform itself into a national level power sector enterprise. The company is having its registered office at P.O. Petrochemical, Vadodara, Gujarat.

Fundamental Good this stock available at just 8.7 PE and its Running Below its Book Value of Rs.146 . This Government focuse on Power Sector so Future of this company is very bright. One can Invest in This stock for Longterm basis.This stock is a Part of My Perfect Portfolio.

13) IDFC Bank

Rejems IDFC BankIDFC Bank Ltd. (Infrastructure Development Finance Company) is an Indian banking company with headquarters in Mumbai that forms part of IDFC. an integrated infrastructure finance company. The bank started operations on 1st October 2015. IDFC received a universal banking licence from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in July 2015. On 6th November, 2015, IDFC Bank was listed on BSE and NSE

IDFC Bank a Private Sector Bank and it has a Universal Banking License so nothing more to tell about this stock only Invest and forget it and give it time to expand its business.Recently news of IFDC group Merger with Shriram Group is also a Benefit for IDFC Bank.

14) HCL Info

Rejems HCL InfoHCL Infosystems Limited is an India-based distribution and information technology (IT) services and solutions company.The Company operates through the segments, including Hardware Products and Solutions, Services, Distribution and Learning. The Company’s product portfolio includes IT and System Integration services, digitally enabled Learning and Career Development solutions, and Distribution of technology and mobility products.

Aadhaar Database Maintenance Contract is a Main Positive Point in favor of HCL Infosystem. Another plus point is Ace Stock Picker Ramesh Damani Invest in this Stock also so I think this Stock reach in three digits in a year.

15) IVC

Rejems-IVCIL&FS Investment Managers Limited (IIML), a subsidiary of Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS). It is one of the oldest and largest private equity fund managers in India, with over $3.5 bn under management.

Invest in this company only to see its Dividend Payout Ratio is more then 7% from last 10 years. So this Stock Perform or not I don’t know, but I get every years more than 7% as a dividend. So I never Sell this Stock. This stock also help to make a Perfect Stock Portfolio.

=> Below 3 Book will change Your Life.  After Reading It, you understand the Market Very Well.

Declaimer: I am not SEBI Approved Adviser and I am not Here for give you any Advice , I make this Website only for New Investors and those Investors Who making Loss in Stock Market by Trading. I here by Share My Knowledge and Advice  to those Investors who Invest in Stock Market for Longterm Only.

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  1. Praveen

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    Very happy to see your portfolio, the way you explained complete details are appreciable. One thing which I felt ,it could have been excellent if purchase date was also mentioned,but as I presume,all purchasing are of approx six months.All the best for your portfolio.

    • rejemsadmin

      Thanks Sir,
      No All stock Purchase date not possible to display here it’s about 2 years to 2 Months old

  3. Om Shankar Kumar

    Super job done by you, it’s also inspiring us to do something better. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Prashant Jadhav

    Sir ,

    Very good information share about the stocks.
    Told how to find the good stock.
    One request is for you .can you explain how to read good stock from the details given at the money control App.

    • rejemsadmin

      Before Invest You have to Read Books for Knowledge …..then you understand Properly …..after reading book you no need any advice….too much time you have first read book.

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    How u r expectinv it to be 500

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    Very nice sir ..it’s very good platform to learn and invest for a beginer like me.thanx for creating this wonderful platform

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    Jignesh Bhai…. Thanks for sharing your portfolio…. Hope you would keep on updating in future….

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    Keep up. The good work.

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