My Diwali Pick

Diwali Muhurat Pick

Hy Friends, First You all Happy Diwali & Happy New Year in Advance.  Here I am Sharing My Top- 5 Diwali Pick. Why I Choose this 5 Stocks for This Diwali ? I will Explain Each Stock Later here in this Blog . but I will Bough this 5 Stocks in this Diwali Muhurat Trading Session.




  •  Talwalkars – CMP( 284) Target – 500+

  •  LKP Finance -CMP(137) Target – 250+

  •  Zee Learn – CMP (45) Target – 70+

  • Archidply – CMP(94) Target – 270

  •  Weizmann Forex – CMP(760) Target – 1200+


Declaimer: I am not SEBI Register Adviser and My suggestion on the above stocks are only for Investment, Invest in Above stock after your own Research and take advice from your Investment Adviser. I am not Responsible for any kind of Loss make in above stocks.

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