Instruction for Beginners

Follow the Below Instruction in Stock Market for Beginners

1) Open Demate Account in reputed Company , Brokerage is not Important for Investors.

2) Always Apply in Good IPO, Open Others Family Members Demate Account only for IPO Purpose.

3) Only Invest Surplus Money in Stock Market which is not Required you at least next 5 Years.

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4) Invest in Only 5 to 10 Stocks not more, and Do your own Research before Invest in any Stocks , Read Books and Gain Your Knowledge,Don’t depend on Tips.

5) Invest Your some Savings in Mutual Funds and Some in Fix Deposit and Rest in Stock Market ( ex.10% FD,25% MF, 65% Stock Market, my Personal View)

6) Never Buy Penny Stocks Below Rs.10 Price, If Your Broker,Friends or any Other Marketing Messages suggest you to buy “XYZ” Company Penny Stocks then take a expert advice before Invest in Penny Stocks

Beginner Must Read Below Book (English)
Rich Dad Poor Dad ( English) Original & Complete Edition
Beginner Must Read Below Book (Hindi)
Rich Dad Poor Dad ( Original & Complete) Hindi

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  1. Simple looking instructions but Stealthy message within

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    Thanks for your notes and your time and effort is greatly appreciated

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    Very nice and useful

  4. Srinivasan.K

    Good AND WELL THOUGHT.CSince quiet a few MF open market risks I would suggest weigh down onMF.


    very good info,

  6. Venki

    Kindly suggest 4 stocks for long time SIP mode including 1 FMCG stock…

  7. Sasi nair

    Sir your great advice most important us

  8. jagtap Deodatta Mahadeo

    View about cochin shipyard ipo

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    Very useful information.

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    Important informations, thank you very much

  11. Sasi nair

    Important informations, thank you very much

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