Check this Points Before Buying Any Stock

Before investing in any stock please check the following points

1. Holding of promoters and FIIs. Promoters Holding >50%

2. Industry P/E ratio and the stock’s P/E ratio which one you want to purchase.. Stock P/E < Industry P/E

3. Past performance of the company Profit & Sales Both Continues Increase YoY.

4. Dividend yield Must be above 1%

5. Peer group companies p/e ratio with face value of the share

6. Future prospects of the sector

7. Market cap and liquidity

8. Never depends on the TV channels and advisors without personally check.

For checking the above information you can take the support of print media as well as online magazines and ask here in Comments

Thanks to all.


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  1. partha pratim Das

    Sir,I must appreciate your efforts. This site will improve with passage of time ,an ab- nitio like me will be much benefited. You have to edit some spelling mistake like RATION etc.Thanks.

  2. Respected sir ,
    The point as suggested above is to be checked before buying any stock like dividend ,pe ,etc.. is there any certain value which specify that it is a good stock or not , wheater it is to be buy or not ..
    Eg .. p/e of stock “X” is 3.5 .than should be the exact figure for that stock .plzz brief regarding all the point which is given above .
    Thank u sir ,with regard bikash chowdhary

  3. Thani

    Very good advice sir

  4. Mohit

    Appreciate It. It would be better if you can define the value or percentage like for above all the points. For what certain values we can enter into the stock.

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