About Me

I Started my Journey in stock Market in 2008 when Market already Crashed from its 2007 all-time high 22000.My father told me to open demat account because he have some shares in their Friend’s Demat account, so they want to transfer that shares in my demat account.  I had Open My First Demat account in IIFL and Transfter My Father Reliance Power IPO share and HOEC share to My account and that time its value is nearly 1.5 Lacs.

Starting Investment

Now I was daily think about stock market, I heard lots of things about stock market so I want to be crorepati in few years from stock market. So I Ask my broker to what can I do? She tell me to buy SBI,RIL,TCS and much more blueship share but I have no Capital, and that time I do a Private Job and my Salary was just  5000 Rs. Only, So I sold My Father both Shares and Free Some Cash. Then I bought Some Heavy weight stock but its quantity is too less as per my capital and I can’t get to much profit from there.

Biggest Mistake of My Life

As earlier said my aim is to be crorepati from market so I was turn from Investment to Trading and learn about Trading and also learn about F&O, and there I found my way to be a crorepati. I start trading first and joined advisory company by paying 10000 per month fees…at that time I also getting too much messages and call about stock Market…In starting I am very much success and earn 30K in a month so I continue that service in next month and it was my biggest mistake…My adviser tell me to play in F&O a low margin, big quantity and high Risk platform of Stock Market… I bought SBI 1 Lot exactly 1 day before quarterly Result, at that time (in 2010)SBI was Trading at 3100 and My bad Luck SBI Down From 3100 to 2600 in just 4-5 trading Session so I lost almost 50K in a week.

Later I decide to recover my loss and good bye to F&O. So I aggressively Trade in F&O and loss another 50K in 2-3 Months period, Now my capital was just 25-30K because I bought some Garbage stocks in My Portfolio and Portfolio down nearly 40%.. So finally I Boycott F&O and Back to Investment..


My Portfolio During 2009 to 2014

Suzlon 100 @ 120, 30, 18
Unitech 500 @100, 75 & 35
Bharti Airtel 50 @650
Rcom 50 @ 250
Rpower @ 130

2011 to 2014 Time Period

In those 4 years I was not too much attached with Stock Market, I was gone a depression and always thinking about “how I recover My Money Back”? So I got Inspiration from Lage Raho Munnabhai’s Victor D’Souza ( Jimmy Shergill)and start earn money, save money and invest in stock Market and try to make Portfolio Value 1 Lac back with my limited Earning  but you all know It’s not possible in Real Life.

My Golden Time Start

In July 2014 My Golden time was start. Now I got more Salary and more saving and more investment in Stock Market without any Responsibility. Now I want to start my Second Round with new innings in Stock Market So I want to gain My Knowledge , I want Proper Understanding of Stock and its Fundamental , So I use Facebook , Twitter, CNBC Aawaj, Zee Business, moneycontrol apps and much more website on google, But All this things give me just  overview about Market but I want deep fundamental Knowledge.

So I Read Some Books like “The Intelligent  Investors”, “Beating the Street”, “ Value Investing and Behavioral Finance” and this Books  Clear my Concept about Investing . Finally I decided that Only Longterm Investment in Stock Market create your wealth …Then I Started to Find Some Good Stock based on Fundamental.. and I invest on that Stock with my self confidence and I was going to Success day by day . I found lots of Stock like Himalya International, Donear Ind, Force Motors, IBWSL, PPAP, GP Petro,Maxvil , GHCL, Ujjas, SBI, Cords Cable and more which give me handsome Return.  One Book which Suggest me My one of Facebook’s Friend  “Babylon Ka Subse Aamir Aadmi”  change my thinking about Saving and Investment.

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